Japanese title: 全体的に大好きです。
Romaji: zentaiteki ni daisuki desu.
English: Overall, I Love You.

Release date: 2001.06.27

Catalog nr: SPRE-9006

First press: unknown

«Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu» is Sheki-dol‘s 3rd single, released as an indies single (all though available for sale everywhere). 

The single contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side (Koi wa Mousho!). The a-side was the the ending theme to the anime Crayon Shin-chan, and was also on two compilation albums from the anime..

The single failed to enter the charts.

Music video for Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu.

Music video for Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu.

Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu was used as the ending theme song for «Crayon Shinchan», an anime that follows the adventures of five-year-old Shinnosuke «Shin» Nohara and his family and friends. The song also appears on several compilation albums for the anime. Music magazines described the single as  a cute pop song with fun-loving beats. 

Promotional live events & meet and greet sessions were also held this summer. If you purchased the single, you’d have the opportunity to take part in the special event and receive a voucher for the meet & greet session. In addition, special merchandise was given away at the event spaces.

Promo cassette

Promo cassette

A few months after this release, Ibuki Ooki left Hello! Project to pursue a career as a model, making Sheki-Dol a 2 member unit again.

Promo poster

Promo poster


01. 全体的に大好きです。 (Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu,; Overall, I Love You)
02. 恋は猛暑! (Koi wa Mousho!; Love Is a Heat-wave!)
03. 全体的に大好きです。 (Instrumental)


全体的に大好きです。 (Zentaiteki ni Daisuki Desu.)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Yuichi Takahashi & Tsunku


恋は猛暑! (Koi wa Mousho!)

Lyrics: Atsushi Shindou | Music: Atsushi Shindou | Arrangement: SHO-1