Japanese title: Door’s〜夢の住人〜
Romaji title: Door’s 〜yume no juunin〜
English title: Door’s 〜Dweller of Dreams〜

Release date: 2015.03.14

Catalog nr: ORCL-1001
Label: Osechi Records

First press: no

«Door’s -Yume no Juunin-» is PEACESTONE‘s second album, released in limited quantities.

In a December 2014 interview with the magazine «Jungle Life», Fukuda announced they were working on a new album. She also announced the title to be ココだけ! (Koko Dake!).

It was announced in late February/early March that they would release their second album only a few weeks later, for sale only at their live shows and for ordering through their web-site.

The album is labeled as a prequel, with another album (a sequel) set for release in fall of 2015.

Silent Night was previously released as an Oricon Exclusive, then labeled Silent Night Pilot Ver. Best Smile was also released as an Oricon Exclusive. Dai Youhin and Park Town was previously unreleased, but often played at concerts.

Promotional image

Promotional image


01. プロローグ (Prologue)
02. Silent Night
03. ベストスマイル (Best Smile)
04. 代用品 (Dai Youhin; Substitute) previously unreleased
05. パークタウン (Park Town) previously unreleased
06. 生存確認メール (Seizon Kakunin Mail; Survival Confirmation Mail)


Their web site or the booklet doesn't state who did the lyrics, must and arrangements; but 再起$TONE is listed as composer.