Title: YOU & I

Release date: 2010.11.21

Catalog nr: TFSA-01
Label: Trick Function

First press: no

«YOU & I» is a photobook + CD single by Ayumi Shibata, and is her first release after the disbandenment of Melon Kinenbi. The photobook is sold exclusively at her agency’s site.

On November 21, 2010, Shibata Ayumi teamed up with another Melon Kinenbi member, Ohtani Masae, to make the mail order only photobook, “YOU & I.” The book came packaged with a CD recording of “YOU & I”.

An event was held at Tokyo Shibuya’s duo music exchange. Though the event was restricted to purchasers of her new photobook YOU & I, roughly 1.000 people attended the three performances. It had been six months since her last fan meeting as part of Melon Kinenbi, and there weren’t enough seats for everyone, resulting in a venue packed full of people. Shibata performed her new song «YOU & I» (featuring self-written lyrics) for the first time at this event. Passing questionnaires out into the audience, she engaged the fans in an interactive talk and shared stories from her photobook shoot while a making video, prepared in advance for the event, played in the background.

«In the past two weeks, I’ve been constantly thinking about today. Like if anyone would come, or if I’d just be performing on an empty stage, and to be honest, I was feeling insecure wondering how many people would come to see me,» she confessed. However, she went on, «I’m really glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore. From now on I’ll be positive and do my best, so everyone, please keep supporting me!»

Also announced at the event was the start of her new fan club, which will sell goods such as her photobook, cell phone straps, posters, etc., as well as her own jewelry line «Lacoluce» planned to begin production in 2011. She will primarily be designing rings and necklaces for the brand. (from wikia.com)

[Photobook cover + samples]


01. YOU & I
02. YOU & I (Instrumental)




Lyrics: Ayumi Shibata | Music: OWL | Arrangement: Seto Seiji, Misa Watanabe

This track was supposed to be on her cancelled debut album.