Japanese title: Winter Selection 2008

Release date: 2008.12.01

Catalog nr: Rika-002
Label: no label; indies release

«Winter Selection 2008″ is an indies release by Rika Ishii.

It was released on December 1st, 2008, as an indies release with mp3 or wav-files on a cd-r disc. It was sold online through a store called indiesmusic.com, and also probably at her live events. Price, including taxes, was 500 yen.

This compilation single is a small compilation of three songs, including “Akai Tsuki”, which is popular during live shows.

The tracks selected have all been released on other indies singles sold at Ishii’s live events. Akai Tsuki on "Fuyu Ashioto" (and later on her debut album "Aoi Kuma"), Iris on "Niji-iro Button", and Yume no Kakera on "Blue".


01. アイリス (Iris)
02. 赤い月 (Akai Tsuki; Red Moon)
03. 夢のカケラ (Yume no Kakera; Fragments of a Dream)


アイリス (Iris)

Lyrics & Music: Rika Ishii | Arrangements: Rika Ishii

赤い月 (Akai Tsuki)

Lyrics & Music: Rika Ishii | Arrangements: Rika Ishii

夢のカケラ (Yume no Kakera)

Lyrics: Rika Ishii | Music & Arrangements: Shingo Nakano