Japanese title: WE LOVE ♥ ヘキサゴン 2010
Romaji title: WE LOVE ♥ HEKISAGON 2010
English title: We Love ♥ Hexagon 2010

Release date: 2010.11.1

Catalog nr: PCCA-03293 / (CD), PCCA-03292 / (Standard Ed.) / PCCA-03291 (Lim. Ed.)
Label: Pony Canyon

First press: yes

«We Love Hexagon 2010» is a compilation album featuring acts signed to the show Quiz Hexagon, which also includes Mari Yaguchi.

The album was released in three versions;  as a stand alone CD, a standard edition (CD+DVD), and a limited edition (26 track CD+DVD+Bonus DVD). It landed on the Oricon charts at #4 selling 37.567 copies.

Yaguchi is featured on the songs "Kaze wo Sagashite" (credited as Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hats), "Kanae Kanae" (credited as Famille) and "Bokura ni wa Tsubasa ga Aru ~Oozora e~ (26 Jikan Version)" (Credited as Hexagon All Stars with Audience).

A live DVD was also released featuring footage of Hexagon All Stars' performance "Hexagon Family Concert WE LIVE Hexagon 2010" held at Makuhari Messe on Dec. 11th, 2010. 


風をさがして (Kaze wo Sagashite)

Lyrics: Caxias Shimada | Music: Kei Takahara | Arrangement: Shoshi Iwamuro & Bungo Saitou

The title translates to "Search for the Wind".


カナエ  カナエ (Kanae Kanae)

Lyrics:  Caxias Shimada | Music: Nobumasa Tanaka | Arrangement: Sadahiro Nakano

The title translates to "Come True, Come True".


僕らには翼がある〜大空へ〜 (26時間バージョン) (Bokura ni wa Tsubasa ga Aru ~Oozora e~ (26 Jikan Version))

Lyrics: Caxias Shimada | Music: Voice of Mind | Arrangement: Shoshi Iwamuro & Bungo Saitou

The title translates to "We Have Wings -Towards the Big Sky-".