Japanese title: WE LOVE ♥ ヘキサゴン 2009
Romaji title: WE LOVE ♥ HEKISAGON 2009
English title: We Love ♥ Hexagon 2009

Release date: 2009.10.21

Catalog nr: PCCA-03034 / (CD), PCCA-03033 / (Standard Ed.) / PCCA-0303 (Lim. Ed.)
Label: Pony Canyon

First press: yes, for the standard edition: trading cards

«We Love Hexagon 2009» is a compilation album featuring acts signed to the show Quiz Hexagon, which also includes Mari Yaguchi.

The album was released in three versions;  as a stand alone CD, a standard edition (14 track CD+DVD), and a limited edition (26 track CD+DVD+Photobook). It landed on the Oricon charts at #2. It also landed on the Oricon yearly charts at #64.

Yaguchi is featured on the songs "Seishun Special Edition" (credited as Yaguchi Mari x Air Band) and "Naitemo Ii Desu ka (26 Jikan Ver.)" (Credited as Hexagon All Stars with Audience).

A live DVD featuring footage of Hexagon All Stars' performance "Quize! Hexagon II Super Hit Parade - We? Live? Hexagon? 2009 -" at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on October 31, 2009. 


泣いてもいいですか<26時間バージョン> (Naitemo Ii Desu ka (26 Jikan Ver.))

Lyrics: Caxias Shimada | Music: Ryoei | Arrangement: Akiko Iwamuro & Bungo Saitou

The title of the song translates to "Is It OK To Also Cry?"


青春 Special Edition (Seishun Special Edition)

Lyrics: ? | Music: ? | Arrangement: ?

The title of the song translates to "Youth (Special Edition)"