Japanese title: ゆ・う・わ・く
Romaji title: yuu.wa.ku
English title: Temptation

Release date: 2001

Catalog nr: UFCD-01A

First press: no, this is a limited fan club release

In 2001, Morning Musume had 10 members. For their 2001 concert, fan club solo singles were released, one by each girl in the group. They were sold seperatly at concerts, where you would get an 8 cm picture cd (witout a cover) and a lyrics sheet. You could also order the complete set through the fan club. That would also give you a pouch to store all the singles in.

Yuko Nakazawa‘s solo single is called Yu.u.wa.ku; like all the solo singles it is a pun on her name (ゆ・う = Yuu).

ゆ・う・わ・く is a song about a woman, yearning for love by a man already taken. The dots between letters are used when a woman speaks with a flirtatious tone.


01. ゆ・う・わ・く (Yuu.wa.ku; Temptation)
02. message from yuko


ゆ・う・わ・く (Yuu.wa.ku)

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Yoshio Nomura


message from yuko

Translation (taken from projecthello) of the message from Nakazawa:

"Things that tempt me are things to do with appearance.
For example: clothes, shoes, mirrors, nails.
Also, bed covers and toilet paper covers have to do with appearance too.
After all, outer appearances call out to me! (giggles)
How embarrassing…

Putting that aside, for my fifth single‘s coupling song [note: Koi no Kioku], I challenged songwriting for the first time.
I couldn’t put my thoughts in order at all, so I tried to put three minutes into it at night
or change my mood by taking a bath
but the thing that tempted me then was my drowsiness.
«I’ll just wake up early and write it then!»
But I had no intention of waking up and lost out to temptation.

The next day, I planned on working on it during my free time
but I fell asleep during then too.
But Tsunku-san helped me out with the lyrics, and it turned out great.
I hope at least one of my feelings is conveyed to you when you listen to it.

Yuko Nakazawa will challenge new things in the 21st century
while going at her own pace, taking each step at a time.
My best regards to everyone from now on as well.

This was Yuko Nakazawa."