Japanese title: 宇宙でLa Ta Ta
Romaji: uchuu de La Ta Ta
English: La Ta Ta in Outer Space

Release date: 1999.07.28

Catalog nr: EPDE-1047
Label: zetima

First press: no

«Uchuu de La Ta Ta» is Taiyou to Ciscomoon‘s 3rd single, and the second of four in a planned release-spree leading up to their debut album.

It was released on July 28th, 1999 on the record label zetima.
The single contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as two remixes of «Gatamekira». 

It entered the charts at #9, and charted for five weeks. It sold 34,700 copies in its first week and 73,680 copies total.

Music video for Uchuu de La Ta Ta

Music video for Uchuu de La Ta Ta

Tsunku’s comments about the single:

«The 3rd single is a UK soul track. I was very happy when I came up with an idea of starting this song with Chinese words. Now that I listen to it once again, this is such a natural idea to start off with RuRu’s Chinese words. Back then, the concept of incorporating Chinese language into a hit music chart was very rare and strange, and that’s why I was unable to imagine what it would have been like. I remember during the recording session, when RuRu began talking in Chinese into the microphone, both my staff and I were smiling inside of us because we knew we really nailed it. On stage, Shinoda’s acrobatic act was well suited for the song. By recording the strings (guitar, bass etc.) raw, the speed and the mood of the song increased faster. «

He also said in a later interview that:

"Tsunku♂:I really worked my butt off writing those songs, you know… I still remember how we put some Chinese in the intro of “Tsuki to Taiyou” just because RuRu was there. But at the end of the day, I’m going to say “Uchuu de La Ta Ta.” That bass line seriously sounds so good to my ears. I sang all the demo vocals for that song, and even singing those felt so incredibly good.

Interviewer:They were a super cool group musically, but I felt like their lack of idol-like qualities might’ve been an obstacle to their success.

Tsunku♂: Yes. Who knows, maybe it would’ve been different for them had there been a bit of eye candy. But on the other hand, maybe the lack of it allowed them to learn more, too. They really did work hard and their singing was definitely better than the norm."


The members were interviewed on how to sing this song perfect at karaoke.
This is what they had to say:

Kominato: This was the first song we could sing with a smile. So of course, the key point is to smile.

RuRu: Please sing it with fun and light feelings.

Inaba: It’s a song that, even if you don’t try to, you’ll end up naturally smiling with.

Shinoda: It’s the song with the easiest tempo to get into, so please sing it lightly. It takes practice to sing the last syllable in the «warattenaide» («Don’t laugh») phrase in falsetto, and still be able to sing the «kissu shite» («Kiss me») right afterwards.

Promo poster

Promo poster



01. 宇宙でLa Ta Ta (Uchuu de La Ta Ta; La Ta Ta in Outer Space)
02. ガタメキラ GTS -more energy remix-
03. ガタメキラ -digital gigolo remix-
04. 宇宙でLa Ta Ta (Instrumental)


宇宙でLa Ta Ta (Uchuu de La Ta Ta)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Shin Kouno

In 2004, it was covered by Hello! Project soloist Matsuura Aya as the b-side for her 12th single («Kiseki no Kaori Dance»). The song is also credited to Atsuko Inaba, as they sing it as a duo.


ガタメキラ GTS -more energy remix-

Remixed by Satoshi Hidaka (from the band GTS, a DJ trio playing house)


ガタメキラ -digital gigolo remix-

Remixed by Piston Nishizawa