Chinese title:台北晚9朝5
Romaji title: Taibei Wan Jiu Chao Wu
English title: Twenty Something Taipei

Release date: 2002.10

Catalog nr: ED12009
Label: EMI

First press: unknown

«Twenty Something Taipei», or «Taibei Wan Jiu Chao Wu″ (lit. Taipei 9pm to 5 am) is a movie about a group of youths who have a heavy night life. It has been compared to the American movie «Kids».

An original soundtrack was released for the 2002 version of the movie, featuring a track by RuRu Honda.

Promo poster

Promo poster


01. 开始飞吧 (Kai Shi Fei Ba) by Elva Hsiao 
02. 我的蓝色夏天 (Wo De Lan Se Xia Tian) by Valen Hsu 
03. 有时候没时候 (You Shi Hou Mei Shi Houby RuRu Honda
04 .开始飞吧 (钢琴版) (Kai Shi Fei Ba (Piano Ver.)) by Fred Lui
05. 靠近你 (拉丁版) (Kao Jin Ni (Latin Ver.)) by B.A.D.
06. 寻找 (特别版) (Xun Zhao (Special Edition)) by Stanley Huang
07. 我的蓝色夏天[钢琴版] (Wo De Lan Se Xia Tian (Piano Ver.)) by Fred Lui
08. 认错 (Ren Cuo) by Ukulele 
09. 开始悦吧 (House版) (Kai Shi Yue Ba (House Ban)) by Fred Lui
10. 有时候没时候靠近你 (Re-mix版) (You Shi Hou Mei Shi Hou Kao Jin Ni (Re-mix Ban) arrangement by DJ Ty
11. 激情 (Ji Qing) (Instrumental) 
12. 放客 (Fang Ke) (Instrumental) 
13. 寻找 (Re-mix版) (Xun Zhao (Remix Ban)) arrangement by DJ Ty
14. 愿 (粤语版) (Yuan (Cantonese Ver.) by Sandy Lam