Japanese title: 東京Youターン
Romaji title: Toukyou You TAAN
English title: Tokyo You Turn

Release date: 2001.01.01

Catalog nr: TEDA-10490 (CD), TESA-490 (Cassette)
Label: Teichiku Records

First press: yes, a calendar.


«Tokyo You Turn» is Yuki Maeda‘s 2nd single, released on January 1st, 2001. The single contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side (Tasogare Miss You). It also contains an instrumental of the A-side in a lower key.

This is Maeda’s only single which have some sort of production by Tsunku, the mastermind behind Hello! Project (the agency she is a part of).

The single didn’t chart, so it is unknown how many copies it sold.

Music video for Tokyo You Turn

Music video for Tokyo You Turn

Hiroshi Itsuki’s (her manager) comments about the single:

In order to create a sound from the new 21st century, I asked Makoto and Tsunku to produce this song. I hope Yuki Maeda to be expressed as realistic and as accurate to her actual personality as possible.

The vocal of “Tokyo You Turn” is very refreshing. It is a wonderful work of art because you can feel that she is naturally speaking out through her singing voice.

In order for her to strongly prosper in the new century, I would like to ask your continuous support.

Makoto’s (the lyricist) comments about the single:

You can turn ordinary words into something extraordinary when you add them onto a beautiful melody. That’s what songs are all about. In this song, “U Turn” is expressed as “You Turn”. With Yuki Maeda’s impressive vocal skills and her glossy voice, the lyrics have gained newly discovered hope for a future.

Tsunku’s (the song writer) comments about the single:

I’ve met her [Yuki Maeda] a few times at Hello!Project’s concerts, which included Morning Musume and other female performers. So I knew her songs, as well as the mood she was able to create as a woman. However, when it came to creating a song for her, it was a completely different issue. Simply knowing the surface of her personality, that way wasn’t enough! For her second single, I was wondering which part of her personality I should let people know more. That was my theme while creating the song for her. And my answer was: The part that she behaves innocently and sincerely like a child, and the other part, which was her matured glossy far-reaching voice. Please take your time and enjoy the song.

Yuki Maeda’s comments about the single:
(excerpts from her Fan Club Newsletter, vol. 12)

April 21st of the last year, I made a debut with “Naki Usagi”. I then toured around Japan to promote the song, and I was starting to feel like an actual professional singer. In summer, I took a part in Hello!Project’s concert for the very first time. It was such a great motivational experience for me. Also, I was largely encouraged by the fans of Hello!Project, who came to see me perform at the various events.

On January 1st, 2001, my second single, “Tokyo You Turn” was released. I was able to take part in Hello!Project’s concert once again. From this song, I think you would be able to feel the side of me that is different from “Naki Usagi.” The song has medium-tempo, and there is a calm, matured sound to it. The last part of the lyrics, “You Turn”, was a little difficult to sing…

There was no detailed instruction [from Hiroshi Itsuki (producer), Makoto (lyricist) and Tsunku (songwriter)]. But since it was a different type of rhythm from the last song, they suggested me to maintain the rhythm, hitting the notes thoroughly, and to sing while thinking about the listeners.

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Promo poster

Promo poster


01. 東京Youターン (Tokyo You Turn)
02. 東京Youターン (Instrumental)
03. 東京Youターン (Karaoke with Melody, for the General Audience)
04. 黄昏miss you (Tasogare Miss You; Miss You at Twilight)
05. 黄昏miss you (Instrumental)


東京Youターン (Tokyo You Turn)
Lyrics: Makoto | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Hiroshi Uesugi


黄昏miss you (Tasogare Miss You)

Lyrics: Makoto | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Hiroshi Uesugi