Japanese title: 東京、宵町草。
Romaji title: Toukyou, yoimachigusa.
English title: I Am Just Like Wild Grass, in the City of Tokyo After Dark.

Release date: 2002.02.21

Catalog nr: TEDA-10530 (CD), TESA-530 (Cassette)
Label: Teichiku Records

First press: no

«Tokyo, Yoimachigusa.» (with a comma and a punctuation mark) is Yuki Maeda‘s 3rd single,
released  on February 2nd, 2002. It contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side (Furusato no Uta ga Kikoeru) and an instrumental versionof the A-side in a lower key.

The single was promoted really well, with Maeda appearing on several live events,
and even on the nationwide NHK Enka Kaiyou show.
Despite this, it didn’t chart, so it is unknown how many copies it sold.

Music video

Music video


01. 東京、宵町草。 (Tokyo, Yoimachigusa.; I Am Just Like Wild Grass, in the City of Tokyo After Dark.)
02. 東京、宵町草。 (Instrumental)
03. 東京、宵町草。 (Karaoke with Melody, for the General Audience)
04. 故郷の唄が聞こえる (Furusato no Uta ga Kikoeru; I Can Hear the Song of My Hometown)
05. 故郷の唄が聞こえる (Instrumental)


東京、宵町草。 (Tokyo, Yoimachigusa.)

Lyrics: Chiyoko Mori | Music: Hiroshi Itsuki | Arrangement: Kouji Ryuuzaki

The title; 宵町草 is spelled wrong on purpose. It should be 宵待草 (evening primrose), but the middle kanji 待 is replaced with 町 (town), giving the title multiple interpretations.


故郷の唄が聞こえる (Furusato no Uta ga Kikoeru)

Lyrics: Makoto | Music: Keisuke Hama | Arrangement: Toshiya Niitani