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Japanese title: 君に届け
Romaji title: kimi ni todoke
English title: (May My Message) Reach You

Release date: 2009.12.10

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First press: no, this is a digital release only

Kei Yasuda and Mari Yaguchi said during a talk session on an M-line fan club dvd that they had a dinner show the previous year, and during one of the talk sessions they just mentioned a project like this (writing a song). They wanted to make something together. After that they started talking more seriously about this. They thought it was a great timing to do something like this now; they’ve been in the indtustry for twelve years, and have graduated from Hello! Project. Yasuda says it’s a favorite of hers, and that it is a wonderful song dedicated to their fans.

After graduating, their agency created something called the M-line club. The M-line club is the fan club for all past members of Morning Musume after the mass graduation in 2009 (this includes every past member, except Asuka Fukuda, Aya Ishiguro, Sayaka Ichii, Maki Goto, Ai Kago and Eri Kamei). In 2009, the first M-line fan club dvd was released, and it had a performance of this song.

The song was released digitally through a download site called Recochoku. 
They performed the song together at a fan club event, and it is that version which is gonna be released.

Music video for Kimi ni Todoke

Music video for Kimi ni Todoke


01. 君に届け (Kimi ni Todoke; (May My Message) Reach You)


君に届け (Kimi ni Todoke)

Lyrics: Mari Yaguchi | Music: Kei Yasuda | Arrangement: Caramel Pod