Japanese title: LOVE-計算チガイ-
Romaji title: LOVE -keisan CHIGAI-
English title: Love -Miscalculation-

Release date: 2001

Catalog nr: UFCD-05E

First press: no, this is a limited fan club release

In 2001, Morning Musume had 10 members. For their 2001 concert, fan club solo singles were released, one by each girl in the group. They were sold seperatly at concerts, where you would get an 8 cm picture cd (witout a cover) and a lyrics sheet. You could also order the complete set through the fan club. That would also give you a pouch to store all the singles in.

Kei Yasuda‘s solo single is called Love -Keisan Chigai; like all the solo singles it is a pun on her name (計算 = Keisan = Calculation / 圭さん = Keisan = Ms. Kei).


01. LOVE-計算チガイ- (Love -Keisan Chigai-; Miscalculation)
02. message from kei


LOVE-計算チガイ- (Love -Keisan Chigai-)

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Yoshio Nomura


message from kei

Translation (taken from projecthello) of the message from Yasuda:

«To me, Kei Yasuda, the title of my first solo song is
'LOVE -Keisan Chigai-'

Miscalculations happen often.
For example, you decide, «Karaage boxed lunch!»
but it ends up being sold out.
Everyone makes miscalculations.
And if life went by all your calculations, it wouldn’t be fun at all!
Don’t you think so?

A good 'miscalculation' since I entered Morning Musume:
That is, me becoming a Morning Musume member.
Because I didn’t think for one second that I would be chosen!
But this miscalculation has greatly changed my life.
So this is a 'miscalculation,' in a good way.

Oh, and one more.
My name.
When I was younger, I used to hate the name 'Kei' (
Because you could mistake it as a boy’s name
and because it’s rare, you could misread it.
'Kei' was the name of my dad’s favorite comic book character,
and it seems that he wanted me to be just as wonderful as that character.

But there is also another name I could have gotten.
'Erina Yasuda'
It doesn’t fit me at all, right?
I’m glad my dad didn’t miscalculate!

Right now, I love my name.
I gotta be a cool girl so I can live up to my comic book namesake!
I’d like to leave an imprint in the 21st century with the name 'Kei Yasuda',
so I would like to continue singing great songs.
And I want to walk towards the 21st century holding hands with our fans.
My best regards from now on as well!

Kei Yasuda'