Japanese title: Taiyo & Ciscomoon 1
Romaji title: Taiyo to Ciscomoon ichi
English title: Taiyo & Ciscomoon One

Release date: 1999.10.27

Catalog nr: EPCE-5061
Label: zetima

First press: yes: a sticker, a clear file cover, two flyers, flyer for original goods and CD-ROM extra content

«Taiyo to Ciscomoon 1″ is Taiyou to Ciscomoon‘s debut album.

It was released on October 27th, 1999, on the record label zetima.
Out of the 14 tracks, 5 of the songs are new tracks and 4 of the tracks are instrumentals. The CD-ROM extra content features photo galleries, biographies, a music player with the songs on the album, and video interviews with the members.

The album reached #3 on the Oricon charts, and it sold 108,100 copies in its first week and 192,340 copies total, making it the group’s best-selling release.


Promo poster

Promo poster

Tsunku said this about the album:
«After completing their 1st stage, they are now moving onto the 2nd stage. Before that, let’s look back at the album. All tracks are love songs, but from the beginning to the end, I created this album as if this was the girls’ entire lives. When you listen to the lyrics, please try replacing the words such as “Love” and “Song” with “Music” to understand the concept of what I am trying to express here».


01. Introduction
02. 月と太陽 (Tsuki to Taiyou; The Sun and the Moon)
03. ガタメキラ (Gatamekira; Gotta Make it Love)
04. Interlude1 〜Breath〜
05. Be Cool Down
06. Hey You!
07. Interlude2 〜Soul Train〜
08. Magic of Love
09. 沈黙 (Chinmoku; Silence)
10. 宇宙でLa Ta Ta (Uchuu de La Ta Ta; La Ta Ta in Outer Space)
11. Interlude3 〜我想你〜 (Interlude 3 -Wo Xiang Ni-; I’m Thinking About You)
12. Sunrise それでも陽は昇る (Sunrise Sore Demo Taiyou wa Noboru; Sunrise – And the Sun Will Keep on Rising)
13. Everyday Everywhere
14. ENDLESS LOVE -I Love You More-
15. Finale



Lyrics, Music & Arrangement: [Uncredited]


月と太陽 (Tsuki to Taiyou)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takao Konishi, Kyoudai Shitamachi

Tsuki to Taiyou was re-arranged for the relase of this album. Tsunku said in an interview «It [Tsuki to Taiyou] is a special remix for the album, and I changed the sound just a little bit. Did you guys notice that?»


ガタメキラ (Gatamekira)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Ken Matsubara


Interlude1 〜Breath〜

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement: [Uncredited]

Tsunku: «For this track, I was imagining a relaxing moment at a motel. MC and the final arrangements were both by Miho Shinoda. I created this track so everyone could take a nice little break.»


Be Cool Down

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: BYE II 3

Tsunku: «[this song] is a sexy R&B song. I asked them to sing softly, like whispering. During the interlude, I asked them to sing gibberish (i.e. Oh Ah Oh Ah), and also RuRu and Kominato to sing in Chinese. By inserting those freestyles, I wanted to create a unique R&B sound of Taiyo & Ciscomoon. Inaba and Shinoda sang the melody, and RuRu and Kominato sang the harmony.«


Hey You!

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Kyoudai Shitamachi

Tsunku: «[This song] is a solid hip hop song. When you hear it the first time, it sounds pretty intense, but it’s actually melodious. I asked the girls to sing it cool, like hip-hop artists. After the decision for the group of continuation was approved, I immediately created this song because I knew their dance skill needed to be focused more as a next goal. And just as I imagined, this song came in very handy for the live performances.«


Interlude2 〜Soul Train〜

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement: [Uncredited]

Tsunku: «This is a song about a woman’s inner scream while she is riding on a train. When I asked Inaba to record her MC, I never told her about the details of the song. I only told her, “What would you do if your dog was getting beat up by some strangers? Can you imagine that and put your feelings into your voice?” After the recording, I edited the sound so her voice went along with the beats. What you hear as a loop is of course a scream of the well-known, Kominato-style minyo.«


Magic of Love

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Shinichirou Murayama


沈黙 (Chinmoku)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Shunsuke Suzuki

Tsunku: «This is the only jazz/bossa nova track in this album. You can easily dance to it. Everyone is in charge of the vocal, but I separated the lyrics by syllables, and asked each one of them to sing it separately. For example, “Chinmoku”’s ‘Chi’ was sung by Kominato, ‘N’ was by RuRu, ‘Mo’ was by Inaba, and ‘Ku’ was by Shinoda. Now, if you are able to figure out who is singing which part for the entire song, you are either (a) a person with a huge potential to become an amazing music producer, or (b) a Taiyo To Ciscomoon nerd.«


宇宙でLa Ta Ta (Uchuu de La Ta Ta)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Shin Kouno


Interlude3 〜我想你〜 (Interlude 3 -Wo Xiang Ni-)

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement: [Uncredited]

我想你 is Chinese, and is pronounced wŏ xiăng nĭ. It means «I think of you».

Tsunku: «In continuation to ‘Uchuu De La Ta Ta’, I wanted to show more of RuRu’s Chinese language skill. It is about a phonecall of a girl who cannot see her boyfriend too often. Her ringtone is ‘Tsuki To Taiyou‘».


Sunrise それでも陽は昇る (Sunrise Sore Demo Taiyou wa Noboru)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: U.M.E.D.Y.

Tsunku: «This is a hardcore hip-hop track. The lyrics are based on the current lifestyle of lovers who are tied to digital media. In the world of minyo, the singers are supposed to make full use of intonation. But for this song, I asked everyone including Kominato to sing plainly. During interlude, you can listen to a solo rap of Kominato. The main chorus was sung with everyone but using only one microphone. At the ending part, we used the talking box for the effect«


Everyday Everywhere

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Shinichirou Murayama


ENDLESS LOVE -I Love You More-

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Ken Matsubara

Tsunku: «This is a disco song. I created this song in hopes for the group to mark its history and for the group to prosper for a long time. I was expecting, by the time the album was going to be released, the weather must have been cooled down, so that’s why I was imagining a sky resort. I decided to record the raw brass and strings, and as a result, it sounded very dynamic and the members sounded somewhat nostalgic yet hopeful. I thought this was a very good choice for a final track«



Lyrics, Music & Arrangement: [Uncredited]