Japanese title: 素敵になりたい
Romaji title: suteki ni naritai
English title: I Want to Become Wonderful

Release date: 1996.02.21

Catalog nr: ESDB 3648
Label: Epic Records japan

First press: unknown

«Suteki ni Naritai» is Osaka Performance Doll’s 7th single, and their last one to feature Inaba before she left the group. The group had started to perform badly, their singles placing outside the top 100 charts (this single did not palce within the top 100 single charts at oricon either). Maybe Inaba and Furutani was let go to create some sort of hype around the group?


Inaba said in an interview in 2000:

Interviewer: By the way, between OPD and Taiyo To Ciscomoon, how long was your solo career?

Inaba: For about 2 years. I felt like I’d wasted my time for not taking any solid action. I was almost giving up, and I nearly quit. When you are in such a gloomy mental state, you really don’t feel like doing anything. I was being lazy too (lol). I spent days doing absolutely nothing. I used to go to bed past midnight, woke up late, and had a nap.


Osaka Performance Doll (大阪パフォーマンスドール; also called OPD) was a Japanese idol dance pops group from 1993 to 1997. They were theatre-based in Osaka, with five main members (called «F/Unit» with their initials) and several others for live performances and trainees. They are the sister group of Tokyo Performance Doll. They made their debut with the single «Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara» in 1993. After releasing two more singles and one album as OPD, Osaka Performance Doll disbanded in 1997.

In 2008, the group got back together by doing two performances named «2008 Gentei Osaka Performance Doll Natsumatsuri!! ~Jyuugonen no Natsu Dakara~» to celebrate their 15th year anniversary.


01. 素敵になりたい (Suteki ni Naritai; I Want to Become Wonderful)
02. しあわせになろう (Shiawase ni Narou; Let’s Become Happy)
03. 素敵になりたい (Instrumental)


素敵になりたい (Suteki ni Naritai)

Lyrics: Satoshi Tanabe | Music: Kei Kikuchi | Arrangement: Yasunori Iwasaki


しあわせになろう (Shiawase ni Narou)

Lyrics: Kohmi Mori | Music: Keioka Kikuchi | Arrangement: MAKOTO «JAZTIC» T