Japanese title: 卒業〜TOP OF THE WORLD〜
Romaji title: sotsugyou -TOP OF THE WORLD
English title: Graduation -Top of the World-

Release date: 1998.02.15

Catalog nr: WPDV-7126

First press: no

«Sotsugyou -Top of the World-» is Michiyo Heike‘s second single, released only a month prior to her debut album.

Music video for Sotsugyou -Top of the World-

Music video for Sotsugyou -Top of the World-

The single was released on February 15th, 1998, on the record label Warner Music Japan. 
It contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side («Sasaetekurenakucha»).

The A-side is a cover of The Carpenters’ «Top of the World» (released in 1972), but with different arrangements and with lyrics in Japanese.

The single sold a total of 60,785 copies, and ranked at #35 on the Oricon music charts.


Promo poster

Promo poster


01. 卒業〜TOP OF THE WORLD〜 (Sotsugyou -Top of the World-; Graduation -Top of the World-)
02. 支えてくれなくちゃ (Sasaetekurenakucha; Gotta Support You)
03. 卒業〜TOP OF THE WORLD〜 (Instrumental)


卒業〜TOP OF THE WORLD〜 (Sotsugyou -Top of the World-)

Japanese lyrics: Makoto | Music & Arrangement: Hatake

Miwako Hamada and Kanako Oguchi (小口かな子) sing the background vocals to this track.


支えてくれなくちゃ (Sasaetekurenakucha)

Lyrics: Makoto | Music & Arrangement: Hatake