Japanese title: 外山節 ~Sotoyama~
Romaji title: Sotoyama bushi ~Sotoyama~
English title: Sotoyama Bushi ~Sotoyama~

Release date: 2003.08.19

Catalog nr: –
Label: –

First press: no, this is a self-produced single (indies)

«Sotoyama Bushi» is Priest’s debut indies single.

There are two version of the single, an A Version and a B Version. Track listing is the same for both singles, only difference is in the covers. The single cost 500 yen.

In 2003, Miwa Kominato left her agency and became an independent artist. With her brother Akihisa Kominato, she formed the band Priest, a minyo/pop/folk inspired band. Rumor has it, the unit was named after the combination of their names Miwa 美 + Akihisa 昭 = Oshou 和尚(Buddhist monk).

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01. 外山節 (Sotoyama Bushi)
02. 外山節 (Instrumental)


外山節 (Sotoyama Bushi)

Lyrics: – | Music: – | Arrangement: Mitsuhiro Sakakibara

Bushi is a type of folk song, and «Sotoyama Bushi» is a
popular folk song originated in Iwate Prefecture around the 1800s. Farmers used to sing this song during mowing.