Title: Single

Release date: 2002.01.25

Catalog nr: VD0201 (CD) / ? (Cassette)
Label: Virgin Music Chinese, EMI

First press: unknown


«Single» is RuRu Honda‘s 2nd album, released on CD and cassette, released a short year after her debut album.

Cassette album

Cassette album

The songs on the album talk about the advantages of being single. This album has ten tracks, including the number one featured track 單身女子俱樂部 (Single Girls’ Club) and the energetic 有時候,沒時 (Sometimes I have, Sometimes I don’t).

Two different remixes of You Shi Hou Mei Shi Hou appears on RuRu’s 3rd album Sweet Talk Gen Wo Shuo and the soundtrack album Twenty Something Taipei.

This album was heavily promoted, where her record company issued both at least one promo single, and had one of the songs as a tie-in for the movie Twenty Something Taipei, as well as releasing several music videos.

Music videos for Danshen Nuzi Julebu, Dongji De Aiqing Gushi, Gei Wo Yidian Ai Tonight, Shen A! Qing Duo Gei Wo Yidian Lilian and You Shihou Mei Shi.


01. 有時候,沒時 (You Shihou Mei Shi; Sometimes I Have, Sometimes I Don’t)
02. 冬季的愛情故事 (Dongji De Aiqing Gushi; Winter’s Love Movie)
03. 神啊! 請多給我一點力量 (Shen A! Qing Duo Gei Wo Yidian Liliang; God, Please Give Me More Power)
04. 藍色山手線 (Lan Se Shanshou Xian; Blue Yamanote Line)
05. 第幾次 (Di Ji Ci; How Many Times)
06. 單身女子俱樂部 (Danshen Nuzi Julebu; Single Girls’ Club)
07. Hold On
08. 給我一點愛 Tonight (Gei Wo Yidian Ai Tonight; Give Me Some Love Tonight)
09. 美夢成真 (Meimeng Cheng Zen; Dreams Come True)
10. 雨的關係 (Yu De Guanxi; Because of The Rain)