Japanese title: 白いTOKYO
Romaji title: shiroi TOKYO
English title: White Tokyo

Release date: 2003.12.10 (CD) / 2003.12.26 (Single V)

Catalog nr: PKCP-5033 (CD), PKBP-5013 (Single V)
Label: Piccolo Town

First press: unknown

«Shiroi Tokyo» is a CD single released by the Hello! Project group ZYX. 

It is their second (and last) single, and it contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side; a cover of Coconuts Musume‘s «Tokonatsu Musume». «Shiroi Tokyo» sold 13.969 copies, and ranked at #11 at the Oricon charts. 

ZYX (pronounced «six») was a Hello! Project unit consisting of five Hello! Project kids and Mari Yaguchi. Yaguchi acted as a mentor to the Hello! Project Kids, showing them the ropes of being a performing member of Hello! Project.

It was thought that since there were six members in the unit, Tsunku named it ZYX because it sounds like the word six (him being obsessed with numbers and all). Apparently there is more to the name than that:

The name ZYX is a kind of acronym using a somewhat intricate play in notation. «Z» and «Y» are taken from the phrase «Zettai Yume o Bai ni.» (絶対、夢を倍に, We hope that you will definitely accomplish your dreams double in size.) «Bai ni», meaning «[to accomplish] double in size», is represented not as «B» but as a multiplication mark «×» which was then identified with letter «X» in its formal resemblance. Also, it is strongly conscious that the letters ZYX are the last letters of the English alphabet in reverse order. In Hello! Project, this inverted order naming is followed by the groups W created in 2004, v-u-den in 2005, The Possible in 2006 and SI☆NA in 2008. This line-up of groups continues the reverse alphabetical naming (ZYX-W-VU-T-S).



01. 白いTOKYO (Shiroi Tokyo; White Tokyo)
02. 常夏娘(ZYX Ver.) (Tokonatsu Musume (ZYX Ver.); Girls of Endless Summer (ZYX Ver.))
03. 白いTOKYO (Instrumental)

Single V

01. 白いTOKYO (PV)
02. Close-up Version
03. Making of


白いTOKYO (Shiroi Tokyo)

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Shouichirou Hirata


常夏娘(ZYX Ver.) (Tokonatsu Musume (ZYX Ver.))

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Nao Tanaka

This is a cover of Coconuts Musume’s 3rd single.