Japanese title: セツナ
Romaji title: SETSUNA
English title: Heartache

Release date: 2012.03.28

Catalog nr: FUCD-1037 (Regular edition), FUCD-9003 (Limited edition)
Label: Universal Music

«Setsuna» is Ayumi Shibata‘s second single, released as a regular edition (CD) and limited edition (CD+DVD) with different track listings for the CDs.

Shibata promoted the single heavily on facebook and had several in-store events for this release.

The single reached #42 on the Oricon chart, charting for three weeks, selling a total of 2.402 copies.

Music video for Setsuna

Music video for Setsuna


Regular edition
01. セツナ (Setsuna; Heartache)
02. smile
03. ヒマワリ (Himawari; Sunflower)

Limited edition

01. セツナ (Setsuna; Heartache)
02. smile
01. セツナ (Music Video)
02. セツナ (Making of)
03. Documentary of Ayumi Shibata


セツナ (Setsuna)

Lyrics & Music: Inoue Shinjirou | Arrangement: Inoue Shinjirou, Youichirou Nomura



Lyrics: Ayumi Shibata, Eiji Kawai | Music: Katsuya Kawasoe | Arrangement: Masaki Iehara


ヒマワリ (Himawari)

Lyrics & Music: Ayumi Miyazaki | Arrangement: Ayumi Miyazaki

A song titled Himawari was scheduled to be on her debut album set for release in spring of 2011, but was later cancelled.