Japanese title: 聖なる鐘がひびく夜
Romaji title: seinaru kane ga hibiku yoru
English title: The Night the Sound of the Holy Bell Echoes

Release date: 1999.10.20

Catalog nr: EPDE-1056
Label: zetima

First press: yes, you could get one out of four trading cards

«Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru» is Tanpopo‘s fourth single, and is a Christmas themed single.

It contains the title track and three solo versions of the title track. Unique for this single is that it has no B-side nor an instrumental. 

The single sold 86.090 copies in it’s first week, and ranked at #2 at the Oricon charts charting for 12 weeks. It’s total sales were 209.200 copies.

Shortly after the release of this single, Ishiguro’s graduation was announced and she left the agency in January of 2000, leaving Tanpopo as a 2-member unit until July. Tanpopo still performed live at concerts, and was dubbed Tanpopo 1.5 by fans.

In July of 2000, new members were added to the group and their image was changed to a more quirky, «cosplay» idol group.

This song has been covered by several H!P artists over the years. It has been released digitally by Eri Kamei (6th gen MM), Risa Niigaki (5th gen MM), Reina Tanaka (6th gen MM), Momoko Tsugunaga (H!P Kids), Maimi Yajima (H!P Kids) and Airi Suzuki (H!P Kids)

Music video for Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru

Music video for Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru

Promo poster

Promo poster


01. 聖なる鐘がひびく夜 (Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru; The Night the Sound of the Holy Bell Echoes)
02. .聖なる鐘がひびく夜 (featuring Iida)
03. 聖なる鐘がひびく夜 (featuring Ishiguro)
04. 聖なる鐘がひびく夜 (featuring Yaguchi)


聖なる鐘がひびく夜 (Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takao Konishi

This song was covered by Sakura Nogawa on her album Winter Song Cover Best.