Title: scene

Release date: 1999.07.28

Catalog nr: WPDV-10009

First press: no

«scene» is Michiyo Heike‘s 6th single, and the very first single where Heike has written the lyrics herself. 

The single was released on July 28th, 1999, on the record label Warner Music Japan. The song «scene» was used as the ending theme to the infotainment show «Idol wo Sagase».
The single contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side («return»).

The single sold a total of 10.000 copies (her lowest while being in H!P) and ranked at #79 on the Oricon music charts.

After the release of this single, Heike’s career was for some reason put on hiatus for 10 months until the release of her 7th single "One Room Natsu No Koimonogatari". Heike said : “It was the toughest, longest 10 months of my life… But without it, I wouldn’t be here today, so I should be thankful. I still think and worry about not releasing anything during that time though…I thought a lot about how I should present myself on stage as well as the music in general. I suffered a lot, but it was a rare opportunity given to me to stop and reflect on myself. ”

Music video for scene

Music video for scene

Heike said in various interview in 1999 and 2000:

«And when I realized, I was already asking Hatake [note: her producer] if I could write lyrics for my next single. I’m sure none of the staff wanted to suggest me to write lyrics so soon. Since I was the one who made the commitment, I wanted to keep my words in order to not let myself down and also to see how far I could go.”

“My first impression was a big ocean and a girl sitting and watching the ocean. The beach was deserted and the waves were calm. […] the song is based on my imagination. It’s totally fictional. […] so my instinct was, ‘this song is going to be about the ocean!’”

(interviewers words:) When she was editing the finished lyrics with Hatake, he suggested a few wordings to be changed, but she maintained her creative integrity by sticking to her original expressions.»

I had been writing lyrics since I was a junior high school student, but I was asked to finish writing lyrics in one day because the recording was scheduled on the following day. And I thought, ‘what an impossible request!’ lol. But then I thought, in order to write good lyrics, having lots of time isn’t quite necessary. Also, I felt like I had the control of the situation: Either I write the lyrics and complete the task or not. So I was under a lot of pressure. But thanks to this experience, I was able to gain a stronger professional attitude. Before that, it was all about receiving someone else’s song and performing as instructed, but now, I am able to express my own opinions and personal taste. So I feel like I was able to make a bigger improvement as an artist at that time.


01. scene
02. return
03. scene (Instrumental)



Lyrics: Michiyo Heike | Music & Arrangement: Hatake



Lyrics: Michiyo Heike | Music & Arrangement: Hatake 

This track is a clubbing tune with some R&B flavor. The lyrics are about heartbreak of a girl whose boyfriend gradually became distant from her.

Heike said in an interview about the song:

I began writing the lyrics around 6am and it took 2 hours to finish. Then on the same day, in the evening, I had to go in and record the song. It was such a rough schedule. The concept of the lyrics was discussed beforehand, and the theme was about a girl who keeps dragging her feelings towards him. By the way, this is definitely not based on my own experience. Lol. Anyway, the song is not only about the girl’s slight hope for him to come back to her, but also about the difference between a man and a woman’s mind. I tried to express the subtle stubbornness of a clever woman that some of a hard-working, career-oriented man may never be able to figure out.

Hatake came up with this melody when he went to a nightclub one day. I like the trendy clubbing sound like this. I’ve never done the ‘whisper voice’ before, so I was a little bit worried. But I sounded better than I expected. I never thought I was able to pull off this type of music, so I’d love to try this kind of genre more often in the future.