Name: 市井紗耶香 (Ichii Sayaka)
Date of birth: December 31st, 1983
Place of birth: Chiba, Japan

Date of debut: May 3rd, 1998 (Member #9)
Graduated: May 21st, 2000

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Sayaka Ichii is a former Japanese singer, actress, and model who now works as a Tv- and radio-personality and life coach.


Sayaka Ichii signed up for an audition called Morning Musume Addition Audition held by the TV show ASAYAN. They were helping Tsunku, a manager, finding three new members for his girl group Morning Musume.

Ichii was one of the three winners of the audition, the other two being Mari Yaguchi and Kei Yasuda. They became part of the group in early 1998, and was first featured in the group’s 2nd single «Summer Night Town». 

She participated in the shuffles in 2000, as part of the group Aoiro7.

The same year, Ichii graduated from Morning Musume and Hello! Project after the release of their 9th single. The reason for her departure was that she was going back to school to study, but only a little over six months later it was announced that she was in the band Sayaka Ichii in CUBIC-CROSS (releasing music on the same label as Morning Musume; zetima.) They released four singles and one album.

In 2003 Ichii released a solo single, but shortly after it was announced that she was pregnant and was getting married. She withdrew from show business to focus on her family. 

She returned to showbusiness in 2009, working as a model, planning her debut as an actress. 

In 2011, she divorced her husband and re-married the following year. She also announced her third pregnancy, giving birth to a baby boy in 2013.

In 2014, Ichii auditioned for Otona AKB48 Audition (AKB48 is the best-selling girl group in Japan as of now) but failed the audition. She later revelaed that she had passed the audition for OFR48 (not related to AKB48). The group’s concept is bath house workers that you can go meet. Ichii was part of the group from May 2014 until she graduated three months later.

In January of 2016, her modeling agency (Media Links) terminated her contract. Ichii created a new blog on February 1st, and continues working as a tv personality, in radio, publishing, as an Aromatherapy Advisor, and a life coach (teaching yoga and lectures about child-birth and child-upbringing). At the end of the year she announced she as pregnant with her fourth child.