Japanese title: 山河
Romaji title: sanga
English title: Mountain River

Release date: 2000.04.26

Catalog nr: TKDI-71932 (CD) / ? (Cassette)
Label: Tokuma Japan Communications
First press: unknown


«Sanga» is Hiroshi Itsuki‘s 115th singe, released on CD and cassette. It reached #43 on the Oricon charts.

RuRu Honda sings the intro in Chinese to the A-side.


Japanese title: 山河 ~アルバムバージョン~ / 愛のバラードを...となりで
Romaji title: sanga -ARUBAMUBAASHON- / ai no BARAADO wo... tonari de
English title: Mountain River -Album Version- / Ballad of Love... Side by Side

Release date: 2003.06.25

Catalog nr: FKDX-1001 (CD) / ? (Cassette)
Label: King Records
First press: unknown

The song was re-released on this single as part of the Hiroshi Itsuki Coupling Best series. It contains the two songs and their instrumentals.


01. 山河 (Sanga; Mountain River)
02. 旅に出てみよう (Tabi ni Dete Miyou; Let's Go on a Journey)
03. 山河 (Original Karaoke)


山河 (Sanga)

Lyrics: Kei Ogura | Music: Takao Horiuchi | Arrangements: Eiji Kawamura


旅に出てみよう (Tabi ni Dete Miyou)

Lyrics & Music: Kei Ogura | Arrangements: Eiji Kawamura


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