Married Name: 堀之内沙紀 (Horinouchi Arai)
Maiden Name: 荒井沙紀 (Saki Arai)
Stage name: 荒井紗紀 (Saki Arai)
Date of birth: March 8th, 1978
Place of birth: Osaka, Japan

Date of debut: August, 2001 (Member #34)
Graduated: February 1st, 2002

Official twitterOfficial blog (2011) | Official BoatBoy blog (2006)

Arai Saki was a part of Hello! Project as a member of the group Sheki-Dol. She also worked as a model and tv-personality. She left showbusiness around 2007 to study Russian abroad.


Saki Arai said in an interview after joining Sheki-Dol in 2001, that she had always loved singing since pre-kindergarten times, and always wanted to be a singer.

When she was 20, she had the opportunity to take part in an audition. At the audition center, one of the judges had asked her if she was interested in coming to Tokyo to join an agency. She left for Tokyo the next day to meet up with the agency, and after an interview decided to move to Tokyo.

She started doing small jobs, like modeling, talent work, photo shoot for magazines, being a spokesperson for a cosmetic product, a TV commercial etc. and in between the gigs, she was doing auditions.
One of the auditions she had attended was for finding a new member for Sheki-Dol, now that Ibuki Ooki had left. She was approved, andjoined Sheki-dol in August of 2001.

Sheki-Dol released their first major single (fourth in all) in December of 2001, entitled «Ai wa Muteki -Hatachi no Yoru no Chikai.»

The same month it was announced that Sheki-Dol was going to be disbanded.
Arai «graduated» from H!P just a few months after debuting.

In 2004 Arai became a campaign girl for BoatBoy, and frequently promoted the campaign at their blog. The blog hasn’t been updated since 2006, and she has been out of the spot light since.

In 2007 she went to Russia to study the language and updated her blog regularly (The updates stopped in 2011). In 2009 she married a soccer player.