Japanese title: リズム天国ゴールド 国内版海外版 全ボーカル集
Romaji title: RIZUMU tengoku GOORUDO kokunai-ban kaigai-ban zen BOOKARU-shuu
English title: Rhythm Heaven Gold Domestic Version (and) Overseas Version All Vocals Collection

Release date: 2009.07.29

Catalog nr: QWCT-10032
Label: TNX Kabushikigaisha

First press: unknown

«Rhythm Tengoku Gold Vocal Shuu» is a compilation album and a partial soundtrack to Rhythm Tengoku Gold (a rhythm video game developed by Nintendo SPD for the Nintendo DS), collecting the vocal songs from both the original Japanese version as well as the localized versions in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

The game uses original music composed by Tsunku and Masami Yone, with vocals by TNX artists including Canary Club, The Possible (later known as Ciao Bella Cinquetta), and Tsunku himself (credited as Occhama). These vocals were re-recorded in English for the Western version by other vocalists (most notably Ayaka Kimura), as were some of the voice cues.


The full soundtrack spans over three discs and contains 140 tracks. It was released nine months prior to the partial soundtrack, on 2008.10.15 with cat nr QWCT-10023.


The album has 34 tracks. Ayaka Kimura is singing track #10:  Karate Man (Struck by the Rain) (English).


 Karate Man (Struck by the Rain) (English)

Lyrics: ? | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: ?