Japanese title: Reborn / その日まで
Romaji title: Reborn / sono hi made
English title: Reborn / Until That Day

Release date: 2017.03.17

Catalog nr: SIMAI-1703
Label: Muratani Shimai

First press: no, but it came with a lyrics sheet. If purchased at the site you also got a handwritten thank you-message.

«Reborn / Sono Hi Made» is a CD single released by the Muratani Sisters.

It is sold exclusively at their live event at their "Muratani Todoro no Enshuai" (むらたに☆とどるの恩楽会) event at Shinjuku Loft with no plans of a general distribution. The live event is a one-night only, featuring MUG-ROCK & NOCCHI as the opening act and with NEW ROTE'KA and Gyoko as special guests. Ohtani has worked closely with several of these artists for her other releases. MUG-ROCK did several of the remixes on her three first solo singles, Nocchi has written lyrics for her song "Call Me Pop", and NEW ROTE'KA, Gyoko and Ohtani usually perform at the same events. NEW ROTE'KA collaborated with Melon Kinenbi in 2009 on their single "Pinch wa Chance Baka ni Narou ze!". 

Merchandise from the event was later (in April) made available for purchase at an online store Ohtani created. She also sold apparel (sweaters and hoodies) and self knitted oven clothes (small squares made of yarn).

Track list for part of the show feturing Muratani Shimai:

1. "Melon Tea" Melon Kinenbi's last single
2. "Reborn" ※with toddle
3. "Sono Hi Made" ※with toddle
4. "Saa, Sassoku Moriagete Iko ka ~!!" B-side to Melon Kinenbi's 12th single
5. "This is Unmei"Melon Kinenbi's 4th single
EC "Pinch wa Chance Baka ni Narou ze!" ※with NEW ROTE'KA

Muratani Sisters

Muratani Sisters

In 2016 Murata and Othani announced at the beginning of the year 2016 that they were going to hold a live event in the fall. They sang six songs; two cover songs in English, as well as covering Taiyou to Ciscomoon, Max, and two of their own songs from Melon Kinenbi (Eros and Denwa Matteimasu).They held several live events as a duo, and announced the release of their first single in March 2017. Their group name is Muratani Sisters (村谷姉妹; Muratani Shimai), a combination of the kanji in their last name (村 Mura from Murata, and 谷Tani from Ohtani).


On March 1st, an interview with Murata, Ohtani and toddle (a three-member band who did the music and arragements for this release) is published in the magazine Rooftop.

Promo poster

Promo poster


01. Reborn
02. その日まで (Sono Hi Made; Until That Day)
03. Reborn (Instrumental)
04. その日まで (Instrumental)
05. マルスケナム (marusukenamu)



Lyrics: Megumi Murata | Music & Arrangement: toddle


その日まで (Sono Hi Made)

Lyrics: Masae Ohtani | Music & Arrangement: toddle



This is a demo of "Reborn" without the lyrics; it is just Murata chanting the above words. She is talking about it here on her twitter and in this interview.



Official blog post about the event/release Masae Ohtani | Megumi Murata

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