Japanese title: お前の涙を俺にくれ
Romaji title: omae no namida wo ore ni kure
English title: Give Your Tears to Me

Release date: 2006.07.26

Catalog nr: PKCP-2023 (CD), PKSP-2023 (Cassette)
Label: Rice Music

First press: no, all though first press came with an info flyer to a special enka event with Maeda as one of the performers (as well as a small bio about her)

«Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure» is Yuki Maeda‘s 7th single, released almost two years after her previous release. When the news of a new single from Yuki Maeda was released, it was also announced to be her graduation single.

The single contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side (Kaze Kaikyou) and its instrumental.

This is Maeda’s lowest charting and lowest-selling release throughout her career (not counting her three first releases which didn’t chart). It sold 500 copies in it’s first week, and ranked at #182 at the Oricon charts. 

Music video

Music video

It was reported that Maeda’s lastest single will ber her last in H!P, but not her last over all. Neowing (CDJapan) has reported that this is her last single, and Centuryland has reported her graduation.

The single was supposed to be Yuki Maeda’s graduation single, and was titled 長いトンネル(Nagai Tunnel; Long Tunnel), but when the title of the single changed to Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure, the graduation announcement was removed from the record label’s site. The reasons are unknown:, either the record label changed their minds or Maeda herself changed her mind (depending on who made the decision in the first place). She would go on to be in Hello! Project for six more years.

This single (the A-side) is a true enka single. The music is very Japanese folk, with traditional, simple instruments in a mellow and tranquil state. In the lyrics, Maeda voice the story of a man (ore) giving his last opinion about another man (omae), who needs to pay his life for his past wrongdoings.

Another thing to notice is the Japanese pronouns for Me (ore) and You (omae):

«Ore» can be seen as rude depending on the context. Using it establishes a sense of masculinity, and one’s own status when used with peers and with those who are younger or who have less status. «Omae» expresses contempt/anger, the speaker’s higher status or age. It’s often used with ore, and should never be said to elders.


01. お前の涙を俺にくれ (Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure; Give Your Tears to Me)
02. 風海峡 (Kaze Kaikyo; Windy Channel)
03. お前の涙を俺にくれ (Instrumental)
04. 風海峡 (Instrumental)


お前の涙を俺にくれ (Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure)

Lyrics: Testurou Hoshino | Music: Kenjin Sakaku | Arrangement: Tatsuya Nangou


風海峡 (Kaze Kaikyo)

Lyrics: Rintarou Minesaki | Music: Kenjin Sakaku | Arrangement: Tatsuya Nangou