Japanese title: 元気のない日の子守唄/長良川の晴れ
Romaji title: genki no nai hi no komoriuta / Nagaragawa no hare
English title: A Lullaby for Not So Cheerful Days / A Sunny Day by Nagara River

Release date: 2004.02.11

Catalog nr: EPCE-5264
Label: zetima

First press: unknown

«Genki no Nai Hi no Komoriuta / Nagaragawa no Hare» is Yuko Nakazawa‘s 9th single, released on February 11th, 2004. It is her only double A-side single (allthough Shanghai no Kaze has the instrumental for both tracks too). 

The single sold a total of 10.230 copies, ranking at #42 on the Oricon music charts.

Music video for Genki no Nai Hi no Komoriuta

Music video for Genki no Nai Hi no Komoriuta

Music video for Nagaragawa no Hare

Music video for Nagaragawa no Hare

Tsunku’s comment about the single on its release date:

One day, I thought, “It would be nice if Nakazawa had an elegant, country-waltz type song, so that she could express her gentleness as a grown-up woman like she is now.”

For over a year, I’ve been talking to my staff, “From now on, I’d love to be able to collaborate with different writers so I can start creating different styles of sound. That would be really awesome.”

This time, one of my staff, who knew about this conversation, suggested me to listen to a music called, “Genki Ga Nai Hi No Komoriuta”. I was taken by a big surprise. How gentle and calming the song was! “This direction is perfect for her!” and I began creating a demo tape right away.

After creating a demo, I put on a provisional song myself. “Wow, what a beautiful feeling…I feel nostalgic, yet so fresh!” I told the director honestly about how I felt, and told Nakazawa, “With a relaxed mind, try to stay fresh, and I don’t want to attempt multiple takes. Instead, I’ll choose momentary great sound as a pass for the final recording” As a result, the song was completed naturally and wonderfully.

The other day, I was in Kochi Prefecture, where my grandmother was from. There was a huge river called “Shimanto River”. The river was so grand, so beautiful and so awesome, I was really moved. A little while after when I was asked about the B-side of the single, I immediately answered, “River.”

In mainland Japan, there are still lots of untouched nature left, so I was thinking about creating a song based on beautiful, unpolluted Nagara River. The character is a girl who decided to leave her hometown against her family’s wish and moved to a place by the river. As she feels warm sunshine, she recalls her childhood memories of her father who raised her by himself, and especially the images of him doing laundry, cooking, and playing with her.

Nagaragawa River is a very long river, and since Nakazawa is from Kansai region, she is familiar with it, so the song is also easily become familiarized by her.

Additionally, this is a song you can do only short recording session per day, so I called her out in a few separate occasions, and made sure she completed discussing with the director before starting each session.

When I created my own provisional song, I thought it was a really difficult to sing at first. I was unsure whether she was able to sing with only a few attempts, but it did become a wonderful song in the end.

The actual recording session took place right after “Hello! Project” New Year’s concert, and I could tell she just soaked up a massive amount of energy from the fans. That’s why the recording sounded so beautiful and we only needed a few takes.

She’s already in her 30s, and I’ve newly found her attraction.


01. 元気のない日の子守唄 (Genki no Nai Hi no Komoriuta; A Lullaby for Not So Cheerful Days)
02. 長良川の晴れ (Nagaragawa no Hare; A Sunny Day by Nagara River)
03. 元気のない日の子守唄 (Instrumental)
04. 長良川の晴れ (Instrumental)


元気のない日の子守唄 (Genki no Nai Hi no Komoriuta)

Lyrics: Momiji Ueda | Music: Makoto Kawaguchi | Arrangement: Yuichi Takahashi


長良川の晴れ (Nagaragawa no Hare)

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku Arrangement: Takao Konishi