Japanese title: なみちゃんとみちよのキラキラ☆トーク
Romaji title: Nami-chan to Michiyo no Kirakira ☆ Talk
English title: Nami-chan And Michiyo’s Lively ☆ Talk

Release dates: 2008.11.05 (Vol. 1) / 2009.01.05 (Vol. 2) / 2009.03.05 (Vol. 3)


First press: no

«Nami-chan to Michiyo no Kirakira ☆ Talk» are three talk cds, lasting approx one hour each, released by Nami Yoshikawa and Michiyo Heike

They are compilations of recordings from a radio show (Nami Yoshikawa’s radio talk show?), issued by Top Brain (a publishing company that specializes on DIY and self-help merchandise like books, CD/DVD/interviews and articles). Nami Yoshikawa is a motivational speaker/essay writer/author. She basically teaches the same philosophy as «Murphy’s Law», but cater the idea specifically for women.

Volume 1 is «Women’s guide to how to make your dreams come true», Volume 2 is «Women’s guide to how to train your subconscious brain» and Volume 3 is «Women’s guide to how to become rich».