Japanese title: Mysterious Roses (謎めいた薔薇たち)
Romaji title: Mysterious Roses (nazomeita bara-tachi)
English title: Mysterious Roses (Roses Mysterious)

Release date: 2014.08.15

Catalog nr: –
Label: Himeno Factory

First press: no, released in limited quantities only

«Mysterious Roses (Nazomeita Bara-tachi)» is Mysterious Roses’ first release, a CD+DVD combo released in limited quantities at one or several live appeareances. Purchasing the CD+DVD from Kobayashi’s site, you’d get a signed thank you-card.

Promo image

Promo image

Mysterious Roses, or ミステリアスローゼス, is an idol unit produced by and featuring Azusa Kobayashi. Also in the unit are actress and ex-Kirakira Melody Gakuen member Mina Hiroe (広江美奈) and talento/singer Sizu Miyano (美弥乃静).

Music video for Mysterious Roses (Nazomeita Bara-tachi)

Music video for Mysterious Roses (Nazomeita Bara-tachi)


01. Mysterious Roses (謎めいた薔薇たち) (Mysterious Roses (Nazomeita Bara-tachi))

01. Mysterious Roses (謎めいた薔薇たち) (Live Performance at Ruido K-4)


Mysterious Roses (謎めいた薔薇たち) (Mysterious Roses (Nazomeita Bara-tachi))

Lyrics: Azusa Kobayashi, Onoriku | Music & Arrangements: Ryo Nakamura (19+81)


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