Japanese title: Motto
English title: More

Release date: 1999.03.10

Catalog nr: EPDE-1024
Label: zetima

First press: yes, you could get one out of four trading cards

«Motto» is Tanpopo‘s 2nd single. 

It contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side ("Ai no Uta") and it’s instrumental. It sold 58.730 copies in it’s first week, ranking at #7 at the Oricon charts. Its total sales were 85,520 copies.

This song has never been sung live at any concerts.


Promo poster

Promo poster

Tsunku’s comments about the single:

"This is a 2nd single by Tanpopo. The girls are growing day by day, so I felt like I needed to create something to fit into their development. It has a very matured sound. We recorded this song in New York in January. The weather outside our studio was very beautiful, but once I stepped outside the door, it was freezing. When I looked up the sky, I saw the bright sun and felt like it was a warm and gentle dandelion flower we all possess in our hearts. Please plant your own “Tanpopo” in your heart this winter so it can survive the cold winter in a warm place and enjoy the warm spring together with you."

Music video for Motto

Music video for Motto


01. Motto (More)
02. .愛の唄 (Ai no Uta; Love Song)
03. Motto (Instrumental)


Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Shin Kouno

This track has never been performed at concerts (or live?)


愛の唄 (Ai no Uta)

Lyrics: Tsunku | Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takako Konishi