Groups produced by Azusa Kobayashi


Mysterious Roses, a 3nin group featuring Kobayashi as one of it’s members.


Azusa Kobayashi, Mina Hiroe (広江美奈), Sizu Miyano (美弥乃静)


2014.08.15 Mysterious Roses (謎めいた薔薇たち)


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Kobayashi named the group AISHING FAIRY from the English word «icing» (on a cake), and three members were selected. They made their debut June 8th, 2014. So far they have been having several live shows, but still no music releases available (except the ones for sale at their live events).

On November 19th, 2014 AISHING FAIRY suspended their activites. Yura had been in an accident (?) and decided to leave the group as she didn’t know how long her recovery would take. Arika also left the group, leaving Kanakana as the sole remaning member.

Kobayashi with Aishing Fairy

Kobayashi with Aishing Fairy



Yura (ゆら), Arika (愛梨花), Kanakana (かなかな)





As of season 3.5 Kobayashi is no longer listed as part of management.

PalmSugar official site | PalmSugar official site (season 3) | PalmSugar official site (season 3.5)

The search for members for PalmSugar started in March 2013, and they made their debut as a 3nin idol unit in September 2013. They were a local unit based in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi (Like Country Musume was restricted to Hokkaido for their first four singles) to promote the development of the performing arts culture of Shimonoseki.


Their agency seem to refer to any pre-planned changes in the groups as «seasons».

PalmSugar now (March 2015) is in season 3.5 and is working on a season 4. Their official site states their planning a large member recruitment (PalmSugar メンバー大募集).

They released their first single on 2013.12.08 titled キューテーぃタマリンド (Cutie Tamarind), and has to date (March 2015) released three singles.


Moe Natsume, Hikari Kanda, Shino Mochidzuki (Season 1)

Miyu Hashimoto, Shiori Haruna, Mayu Hinata, Arisu Haruna, Miyu Sasaki, Mina Nanase (Season 2?)

Miyu Hashimoto, Shiori Haruna, Mayu Hinata, Arisu Haruna, Miyu Sasaki, Mina Nanase (Season 3)

Miyu Hashimoto, Shiori Haruna, Arisu Haruna, Miyu Sasaki (Season 3.5)


Mayu Hinata (season 3) graduated on March 8, 2015

Mina Nanase (season 3) graduated on April 29th, 2015



2014.06.30 キューテーぃタマリンド (Cutie Tamarind) c/w 青い春だと告げたようね (Aoi Haru da to Tsugeta you ne)
2014.07.27 夏色☆れもんキャンディ (Natsu-iro Lemon Candy) c/w シャボン玉 (Shabondama)
2014.08.24 melty kiss _xxx c/w Come off Your Perch