Japanese title: モーニング娘。EARLY SINGLE BOX
Romaji title: MOONINGU musume. EARLY SINGLE BOX
English title: Morning Musume Early Single Box

Members: Nakazawa, Iida, Abe, Ishiguro, Fukuda, Yaguchi, Ichii, Yasuda, Goto

Release date: 2004.12.15

Catalog nr: EPCE-5321 (price 10,500 yen, weighing almost 1 kg)
Label: zetima

First press: yes, a poster

«Early Single Box» is a limited edition box set, containing Morning Musume‘s first eight singles reissued on 12cm CDs. The box set also contained a bonus 12cm karaoke CD with instrumentals of 15 popular songs from their first 3 albums, and a 36 page color booklet. In 2005, the singles were released individually. All the 12 cm CDs contain an extra track for each single.


1st single: モーニングコーヒー (Morning Coffee)
1. モーニングコーヒー / 2. 愛の種 / 3. Instrumental / 4. Unreleased”B♭”Version

2nd single: サマーナイトタウン (Summer Night Town)
1. サマーナイトタウン / 2. A MEMORY OF SUMMER '98 / 3. Instrumental / 4. First Live Version

3rd single: 抱いてHOLD ON ME! (Daite Hold on Me!)
1. 抱いてHOLD ON ME! / 2. 例えば / 3. Instrumental / 4. 「モーニング刑事」Version

4th single: Memory 青春の光 (Memory -Seishun no Hikari-)
1. Memory 青春の光 / 2. Happy Night / 3. Never Forget / 4. Instrumental /
5. 99.4.18 Live Version

5th single: 真夏の光線 (Manatsu no Kousen)
1. 真夏の光線 / 2. 恋の始発列車 / 3. Instrumental / 4. Early Version

6th single. ふるさと (Furusato)
1. ふるさと / 2. 忘れらんない / 3. Instrumental / 4. Early Vocal Version

7th single: LOVEマシーン (Love Machine)
1. LOVEマシーン / 2. 21世紀 / 3. Instrumental / 4. Early Unison Version

8th single: 恋のダンスサイト (Koi no Dance Site)
1. 恋のダンスサイト / 2. 恋はロケンロー / 3. Instrumental / 4. Groove That Soul Remix /

Bonus Karaoke disc:
01.愛の種 (Ai no Tane; Seeds of Love)
02.Good Morning
03.どうにかして土曜日 (Dou ni ka Shite Douyoubi; I Can’t Stand Saturdays)
04.未来の扉 (Mirai no Tobira; Door of the Future)
05.ウソつきあんた (Usotsuki Anta; You Are a Liar)
06.Happy Night
07.Never Forget
08.好きで×5 (Suki de Kakeru Five; I Love You Times Five)
09.パパに似ている彼 (Papa ni Nite iru Kare; My Boyfriend Who Looks Like My Dad)
10.せんこう花火 (Senkou Hanabi; Sparklers)
11.ダディドゥデドダディ! (Da Di Du De Do Da Di!) 12.愛車ローンで (Aisha Loan de; Buying a Car With a Loan)
13.くちづけのその後 (Kuchidzuke no Sonogo; After a Kiss)
14.DANCEするのだ! (Dance Suru no da; I’m Gonna Dance)
15.原宿6:00集合 (Harajuku rokuji Shuugou; Meet Me at Harajuku at 6 PM)