Morning Cop ~Daite HOLD ON ME!~ (モーニング刑事。~抱いてHOLD ON ME!~) is a Japanese movie starring Michiyo Heike and Morning Musume. It was released on VHS (in 1998) and on DVD (in 2000). A soundtrack for the movie was also made.

Hiromi Yanagihara have a small part in this movie. She had not yet become a part of H!P when starring in this movie. She would go on to join Country Musume after passing their audition in April the following year.

The title is a pun. 刑事 (keiji) means police or detective, but is for this movie pronounced as «KOPPU», which sounds like the English slang word for police. (In the movie Abe looks at a coffe cup, saying they should be called MOONINGU KOPPU investigating Heike’s stalker.


The plot of the movie is that Michiyo is getting big in the idol business! She’s recently appeared on the cover of the Lovely magazine, and her fan-mail bags are getting bigger and bigger. However, she’s also getting some creepy mail, until the point where it’s obvious she’s got a dangerous stalker preying her. The police seems useless in protecting her from the stalker, and so Morning Musume must take it upon their own hands to keep her safe!


Michiyo Heike

Yuko Nakazawa

Aya Ishiguro

Kaori Iida

Natsumi Abe

Asuka Fukuda

Kei Yasuda

Mari Yaguchi

Sayaka Ichii

Hiromi Yanagihara



An original soundtrack was issued, with music by Morning Musume and Michiyo Heike.


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