Name: Mika Taressa Todd
Stage name: ミカ (MIKA)
Date of birth: May 28th, 1984
Place of birth: Hawaii, USA

Date of debut: June 27th, 1999 (Member #21)
Graduated: May 2nd, 2004

Official twitter | Fan site | P-Pro Music |  2014 in-depth interview about her time in H!P

Mika Todd is an American / Japanese singer, author and actress.


In 1999, Mika Todd and four other girls had been signed by Tsunku and Makoto to join Hello! Project. They were flown to Japan to start a music career, and was given the name Coconuts Musume.

Coconuts Musume released a total of five singles, from 1999 to 2001. Over the years, most of the members left the group. As the others left, the group became less popular and less active, and eventually stopped recording new songs all together. 

Soon after she began working in Coconuts Musume, Mika was drafted into the newly formed children’s group «Minimoni». She was able to get a lot more exposure with the popularity of Minimoni, but she was only singing cute, childish songs. When founding Minimoni member Yaguchi Mari left the group, Mika became the new leader of the group and the musical style changed somewhat to a more mature sound. But the groups popularity was fading. 

Early in 2004, it was announced that Mika would be leaving Hello! Project to pursue her dream of making it big in the US. On May 2nd, 2004, she gave her final performance as part of Mini Moni in Saitama, Japan. On May 29th she performed solo for the last time in Japan. And on May 31st, she left Japan to begin studying music in Los Angeles.

When in Los Angeles, she released a mini-album consisting of Jazz covers and was scheduled to appear as a voice actress in an American cartoon, but the show was cancelled. After this she withdrew from showbusiness and started working in the hotel industry. According to Todd herself, she «took a break for a little while to find «me» which I thought was important for me.«

In the beginning of 2011 she opened a twitter account. She mentioned she realized how much she missed music, and announced she would be performing at a Japan Benefit where she sang a new song. She uploaded a few videos on her youtube account, but hasn't done any music since 2012.