Name: 信田美帆 (Shinoda Miho)
Date of birth: May 18th, 1972
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan

Date of debut: February 21st, 1999 (Member #10)
Graduated: October 9th, 2000

Official blog (taken down 2014) | Profile at ISM | 2015-interview

Miho Shinoda is a gymnast and was a Japanese singer.
She started her sports career in the mid 80’s where she was a participant during the Olympics, and her singing career in the late 90’s as a member of the group Taiyou to Ciscomoon.

Shinoda was a gymnast during her high school years, into her university years and for one year after her university graduation.

After this, she worked as a regular office worker, but she felt like she wasn’t achieving her dreams, and quit. The next thing that happened was that a friend of hers introduced her to a job opportunity at an enka-artist’s agency. Not as a singer, but as an office worker. She was there only for a few months before going back to her first office job.

From 1995 to 1998, she was a member of "Firegirls", the then-cheerleader dance team for the Yomiuri Giants. She left upon joining the ASAYAN auditions.

Shinoda heard of the audition by chance. She has said that she just glanced at TV and Tsunku was on. He was asking for someone who had a solid and unique career/talent, and she thought she fit the category.

In 1998, she signed up for the autition announced on the tv show ASAYAN by Tsunku, and went on to become a member of the group Taiyo to Ciscomoon with three other girls. When the group disbanded in 2000, she went back to being a gymnast until retiring in 2004.

In 2002, she had a small role in the Japanese dorama «Hito no Yasashiku» as a sports clerk, and on May 15th, 2003 she performed an original solo song called «ASIAN LOVER» at Heart-Beat Weekend 250th Commemoration Live. I don’t know if it was a one-time thing or if there were plans for her to have a solo career…

She has also done a few stage plays in 2007 (Ribbon) and 2011 (Wrestler Girls). Since early 2015, Shinoda has been working as an acrobatics coach for Hello! Project's concert tours.

She is now working as a trainer for other gymnasts teams as well as being a talento.