Japanese title: マリーンスポーツ!
English title: Marine Sports!

Release date: 2001

Catalog nr: UFCD-04D

First press: no, this is a limited fan club release

In 2001 Morning Musume had 10 members. For their 2001 concert, fan club solo singles were released, one by each girl in the group. They were sold seperatly at concerts, where you would get an 8 cm picture cd (witout a cover) and a lyrics sheet. You could also order the complete set through the fan club. That would also give you a pouch to store all the singles in.

Mari Yaguchi‘s solo single is called Marine Sports; like all the solo singles it is a pun on her name (マリ = Mari).


01. マリーンスポーツ!(Marine Sports!)
02. message from mari


マリーンスポーツ!(Marine Sports!)

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Ryou Yonemitsu


message from mari

Translation (taken from projecthello) of the message from Yaguchi:

"Yaguchi has finally turned 18! Yay!
I’m finally an adult!
It’s about time that I’m in the older sister team for Morning Musume,
but I’m so small and talk a lot
so there seems to be the misconception that I’m very childish.
But actually, I’m really thinking about a lot of things
and putting a lot of effort to change myself all the time.

I often hear, 'You never get nervous, do you, Yaguchi?'
But right before something, I can’t stop trembling.
I’m a kind of person who hides their nervousness.

Now, that kind of 18-year old Yaguchi’s mission for the 21st century is
to become a sexy girl unequal to any!
When I say 'sexy,' I don’t mean a hot, 'nice body!' type
… Well, that’s nice too, but…
Ah, no, I mean that I simply want to become a more mature, wonderful, stronger woman.

In terms of outward appearance, I’m thinking about growing out my hair
and appear a bit older.
Next year, I’ll become an adult with a deeper sense of responsibility.
This is it! This is what Yaguchi is aiming for.

Well, everyone.
I believe you’ll be able to meet a different Yaguchi in the 21st century
so please look forward to it!
This was Mari Yaguchi!
This is farewell! Doro~n!

I guess because I say things like that I seem childish…