Japanese title: 満月の夜だから
Romaji title: mangetsu no yoru dakara
English title: Because It Is a Night With a Full Moon

Release date: 1993.11.01

Catalog nr: ESDB-3428
Label: Epic Records japan

First press: unknown

«Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara» is Osaka Performance Doll’s debut single. The title track was used as a theme song for the Karaoke Maker’s Joy Sound commercials. The single reached #57 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for two weeks.

Osaka Performance Doll (大阪パフォーマンスドール; also called OPD) was a Japanese idol dance pops group from 1993 to 1997. They were theatre-based in Osaka, with five main members (called «F/Unit» with their initials) and several others for live performances and trainees. They are the sister group of Tokyo Performance Doll. They made their debut with the single «Mangetsu no Yoru Dakara» in 1993. However, in March 1996, Atsuko Inaba and Ayano Furutani left the group (or was let go?) and was replaced by Shigemoto and Nakamura, thus the group’s changing their name to OPD. After releasing two singles and one album as OPD, Osaka Performance Doll disbanded in 1997.

In 2008, the group got back together by doing two performances named «2008 Gentei Osaka Performance Doll Natsumatsuri!! ~Jyuugonen no Natsu Dakara~» to celebrate their 15th year anniversary.

Promo poster

Promo poster


01. 満月の夜だから (Mangetsu no yoru Dakara; Because It Is a Night With a Full Moon)
02. 生まれた街のフェンスを越えて (Umareta Machi no Fence wo Koete; Get Over the Fence Around the Town Where You Were Born)
03. 満月の夜だから (Instrumental)


満月の夜だから (Mangetsu no yoru Dakara)

Lyrics: Yukinojo Mori | Music: Masaya Ozeki | Arrangement: Thousand sketcheS


生まれた街のフェンスを越えて (Umareta Machi no Fence wo Koete)

Lyrics: Takahiro Maeda | Music: HAPPO | Arrangement: Go Sato