Japanese title: ずっとずっと
Romaji title: zutto zutto
English title: Forever and Ever

Release date: 2003.05.01

Catalog nr: PKCP-5016
Label: Piccolo Town

First press: no

«Zutto Zutto» is Sayaka Ichii in CUBIC-CROSS’s 4th single. It is their last and final release before the group disbanded. (It’s not on any album, as it was released after the group’s 1st album in October).

The single contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side (journey). The single ranked at #46 at the Oricon charts.

Sayaka Ichii in CUBIC-CROSS is a band consisiting of Ichii, Naoki Yoshizawa and Taisei (a former band mate of Tsunku; he used to play in Sharan Q with Tsunku who ended up creating Morning Musume). They disbanded after this release, so that Ichii would start a solo career. (She only released one single before retiring from the industry; she was pregnant with Yoshizawa and the two of them got married).

Promo poster

Promo poster


01. ずっとずっと (Zutto Zutto; Forever and Ever)
02. journey
03. ずっとずっと (Instrumental)


ずっとずっと (Zutto Zutto)

Lyrics: Sayaka Ichii & Ryouji Sonoda | Music & Arrangement: Taisei



Lyrics: Sayaka Ichii | Music & Arrangement: Taisei & Ryouji Sonoda