Japanese title: 届け!恋のテレパシー
Romaji title: todoke! koi no TEREPASHII
English title: Reach Him! Telepathy of Love

Release date: 2002.09.11

Catalog nr: PKCP-5009
Label: Piccolo Town

First press: no

«Todoke! Koi no Telepathy» is Sayaka Ichii in CUBIC-CROSS’s 3rd single. It contains the title track and its instrumental, as well as a b-side (Ganbatte Miru yo). The single ranked at #17 at the Oricon charts.

Sayaka Ichii in CUBIC-CROSS is a band consisiting of Ichii, Naoki Yoshizawa and Taisei (a former band mate of Tsunku; he used to play in Sharan Q with Tsunku who ended up creating Morning Musume).

Promo poster

Promo poster


01. 届け!恋のテレパシー (Todoke! Koi no Telepathy; Reach Him! Telepathy of Love)
02. がんばってみるよ (Ganbatte Miru yo; I'll Give it My Best)
03. 届け!恋のテレパシー (Instrumental)


届け!恋のテレパシー (Todoke! Koi no Telepathy)

Lyrics: Sayaka Ichii | Music & Arrangement: Taisei


がんばってみるよ (Ganbatte Miru yo)

Lyrics: Yoshiko Miura | Music & Arrangement: Taisei