Japanese title: 4U~ひたすら~
Romaji title: 4U ~hitasura~
English title: 4U ~Earnestly~

Release date: 2003.09.03

Catalog nr: PKCP-5024
Label: Piccolo Town

First press: yes, picture disc

«4U -Hitasura-» is Sayaka Ichii‘s solo debut, released only three months after Sayaka ichii in CUBIC-CROSS‘s 4th (and last) single. The song was produced in assoiation with the popular game serial «Monster Farm», and the A-side for this single was used as the theme song to モンスターファーム4 (Monster Farm 4).

Music video for 4U -Hitasura-

Music video for 4U -Hitasura-

Two months after this release, it was stated on Ichii’s official site that she would retire from the world of showbusiness. She then married her band mate from CUBIC-CROSS, Yoshizawa, and they had their first child the next year.

Promo poster

Promo poster


01. 4U~ひたすら~ (4U -Hitasura-; 4U -Earnestly-)
02. 不器用な天使 (Bukiyou na Tenshi; Clumsy Angel)
03. 4U~ひたすら~ (Instrumental)
04. 不器用な天使 (Instrumental)


4U~ひたすら~ (4U -Hitasura-)

Lyrics: Yoshiko Miura | Music: Taisei | Arrangement: TATOO


不器用な天使 (Bukiyou na Tenshi)

Lyrics: Yoshiko Miura | Music: Taisei | Arrangement: Yasuo Asai