Japanese title: 風をさがして
Romaji title: kaze wo sagashite
English title: Search for the Wind

Release date: 2010.01.13

Catalog nr: AVCD-31603/B
Label: Avex Trax

First press: yes, one out of ten random trading cards

«Kaze wo Sagashite» is a cd single released by «Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hats».

Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hats is a special unit created by the tv show Quiz Hexagon to perform their ending theme in December and January of 2009 and 2010. It would also be used as the 12th opening theme for the anime ONE PIECE.

It was released as a CD+DVD combo only, and landed on the Oricon charts at #2, selling 37.251 copies. It also landed on the Oricon yearly charts at #190.

The unit consists of acts signed to the show Quiz Hexagon: Mari Yaguchi, Akane Ohsawa and Rika Sato on vocals, and Hiroshi Shingawa, keisuke Okada, Daisuke Motoki, Takayuki Haranishi, Yoshiaki yamane and Chris Matsumura on chorus.

Promo poster

Promo poster


01. 風をさがして (Kaze wo Sagashite; Search for the Wind
02. 風をさがして (Instrumental)

01. 風をさがして (Music Video)
02. 風をさがして (Furitsuke Eizou / Multichannel) 4 different coreography videos
03. 風をさがして風をさがして風をさがして(ONE PIECE Non-Telop Opening Ver.)


風をさがして (Kaze wo Sagashite) 

Lyrics: Caxias Shimada | Music: Kei Takahara | Arrangement: Akiko Iwamuro & Bungo Saitou