Japanese title: 爆風トリビュートComplete
Romaji title: Bakufu TORIBYUUTO Complete
English title: Bakufu Tribute Complete

Release date: 2013.01.15

Catalog nr: YZSM-20009
Label: Cloud Cuckoo Land inc.

First press: no

«Bakufu Tribute Complete» is a compilation album featuring various artists, including PEACESTONE, covering songs by BAKUFU-SLUMP.

Bakufu-Slump was a Japanese rock band that formed in 1982. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the group experienced impressive mainstream success with their 1989 album, «I.B.W.», reaching the top of the Oricon charts. However, by the mid 1990’s, Bakufu-Slump started to have a steady decrease in sales, and the group split in 1999.


週刊東京『少女A』 (Shoukan Tokyo «Shoujo A»)

Lyrics: Nakano-kun Sunplaza | Music & Arrangement: Hideya Nakazaki

The title translate to Tokyo Weekly «Girl A». The title is a parody of Akina Nakamori’s debut song «Shoujou A». Nakamori is one of the most popular singers of the 1980s in Japan.