Japanese title: ギャグ100回分愛してください
Romaji title: GAGU hyaku kaibun aishite kudasai
English title: Please Love Me As Much As 100 Jokes

Release date: 2005.11.23 / 2005.11.28

Catalog nr: PKCP-5058, Digital Single, MJCD-23013 (Movie Ed.)
Label: Piccolo Town / Marvelous Entertainment

First press: yes, a photo card for PKCP-5058 and stickers for MJCD-23013

«Gag 100 Kaibun Aishite Kudasai» is a CD single released by the Hello! Project group Berryz Koubou. The single is listed on Yaguchi’s discography page, because the b-side to this single is credited to Berryz Koubou x Mari Yaguchi. 

The single sold 16.779 copies and charted at #19 on the Oricon charts.

On November 28th, 2005, another version of the single was released by the record label Marvelous Entertainment. It had an extra track + it’s instrumental by Mayumi Gojo, and came with an alternate cover taken from the film Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart 2 ~Yukizora no Tomodachi~, which «Gag 100 Kaibun Aishi the Kudasai» was the ending theme for. 

Promo poster

Promo poster

A single V (DVD with the music video) was also released.


01. ギャグ100回分愛してください (Gag 100 Kaibun Aishite Kudasai; Please Love Me As Much As 100 Jokes)
02. にぎやかな冬 (Nigiyaka na Fuyu; Lively Winter)
03. ギャグ100回分愛してください (Instrumental)


ギャグ100回分愛してください (Gag 100 Kaibun Aishite Kudasai)

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takao Konishi


にぎやかな冬 (Nigiyaka na Fuyu)

Lyrics & Music: Tsunku | Arrangement: Takao Konishi

This track is by Berryz Koubou and Mari Yaguchi.