Japanese title: Door’s~時の旅人~
Romaji title: Door’s 〜toki no tabibito〜
English title: Door’s 〜Traveler of Time〜

Release date: 2015.07.12 (Pre-sale at venues)

Catalog nr: ORCL-1002
Label: Osechi Records

First press: no

«Door’s 〜toki no tabibito〜» is PEACESTONE‘s second album (or actually their third), released in limited quantities. It was made available for purchase at their live venues and official site.

When their second album was announced, the news of this album was part of that announcement. This is a sequel to their second album, which went on sale just a few months earlier.

Motto, Motto…Isu-tori Game and Minna Tabibito were available as exclusive downloads a few years prior to this release. (Isu-tori Game as a demo version). Minna Tabibito was also available for purchase at their official site in 2014.

Icchou Namikidoori was previously unreleased, but often played at their live shows.


01. もっと、もっと… (Motto, Motto…; More, More…)
02. 椅子取りゲーム ((Isu-tori Game; Musical Chairs Game)
03. あの日の君を見つける (Ano Hi no Kimi wo Mitsukeru; The Day I Got to Know You)
04. いちょう並木通りのある街 (Icchou Namikidoori no Aru Machi; The Town that Has a Street Lined with Ginko Trees)
05. みんな旅人 (Minna Tabibito; Everyone Are Travelers)
06. エピローグ (Epilogue)


Their web site or the booklet doesn't state who did the lyrics, must and arrangements; but 再起$TONE is listed as composer.