Title: Moody Blues

Release date: 1998.11.05 / 2006.04.19 / 2011.02.23

Catalog nr: EPCA-5007 / EPCE-5398 / EPCE-5751
Label: zetima

First press: unknown
2006 Re-release comes with a bonus track (doushite, live version) and a cardboard sleeve

«Moody Blues» is an album by Stardust Revue.
Aya Ishiguro appears as «very cute voice» on track #4. 

The first edition was released in 1998, a re-release in 2006, and yet another re-release in 2011. The 13th track is only available on the re-release.

From H!P Fan Club Magzine #3:

New Album “Moody Blues” by Stardust Revue, which will be released on November 5th, features Aya Ishiguro as a guest artist!!

Aya Ishiguro is a guest artist for the track #4 “Puraton No Nageki” (Plato’s Grief) of Stardust Revue’s new album, “Moody Blues”. The song is featured in the musical, “Waga Taikutsu Na Jinsei” (My Mundane Life). The song is composed like an upbeat musical, and she is featured as a laugh track as well as the background chorus. It’s a catchy song, so please take some time to listen to the song. 

(Below is an excerpt from “Fan Club’s Newsletter for Stardust Revue, vol. 92”) 

Interviewer: How did Aya Ishiguro from Morning Musume get involved in “Puraton No Nageki”? 

Nemoto: As Kouda and I were singing this song just for fun, the image of the song started transforming and developing rapidly. We thought this song was suited for a musical, so that was the direction we decided to take. Actually, there is no such musical as “Waga Taikutsu Na Jinsei” (My Mundane Life). It’s an imaginary musical that we created as a concept, and we decided to feature this song for that. It’s all for a good joke. So if anyone comes up to me and asks me about where to watch the musical etc., I have to say, sorry, but there is no such thing in this world because it’s just a concept. This is a song about a man and a woman discussing what love is. As the discussion progresses, it will start to sound more like an exchange of philosophical views. I wanted to add as many people into the song to make the discussion more exciting. Unfortunately, we are a bunch of scruffy men, and we needed some feminine voice. It involves lots of talks and not much of a singing, so we began searching for the ideal female singer. Our first choice was Chisato Moritaka or Noriko Kato because they are more familiar sound to us, but then we thought about Morning Musume as well. And that was how easy it was. Not only Aya came down to our recording studio to sing the track, but also we recorded her random chatter to use it as Sound Effects. So we recorded her various sound into DigitalAudioTape. I’m sure the tape is a highly valued item for Morning Musume fans. Lol.


01. どうして (Doushite)
02. ワイン恋物語 (Wine KoimonogatariWine Love Story)
03. 月の輝く夜に (Tsuki no Kagayaku Yoru ni)
04. プラトンの嘆き (Plato no Nageki; Plato’s Grief)
05. Sweet Harmony
06. ジャスミン/A Cappella Version (Jasmin / A Capella Version)
07. 真昼の月 (Mahiru no Tsuki)
08. 無難に生きていますか? (Bunan ni Ikiteimasu ka?)
09. Joy To The Future
10. 君に贈るHolly Night (Kimi ni Okuru Holly Night)
11. 屋根にノボって (Yane ni Nobotte)
12. 7月7日 (Shichigatsu Nanoka)
13. どうして (Live Version) (Doushite (Live Version))


プラトンの嘆き (Platon no Nageki)

Lyrics: Kaname Nemoto, Masami Terada | Music: Kaname Nemoto | Arrangement: Kenichi Matsuda

This track features Aya Ishiguro in the chorus. This song was used in the imaginary musical «Waga Taikutsu na Jinsei Yori» (My Mundane Life).


ワイン恋物語 (Wine Koimonogatari)

Lyrics: Natsumi Watanabe | Music: Kaname Nemoto | Arrangement: Kenichi Matsuda

This track was used in the dorama «Wine Musume Koimonogatari«, starring Michiyo Heike and Hiromi Yanagihara.