Name: 後藤真希 (Maki Goto)
Date of birth: September 23rd, 1985
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan

Date of debut: August 22nd, 1999 (Member #23)
Graduated: October 27th, 2007

Official site (2012) | Official blog

Maki Goto is a Japanese singer and actress.
She started her career as a member of the group Morning Musume in 1999, from which she graduated in 2002. She then became a soloist within Hello! Project, from which she graduated in 2007. She then left her agency and signed to Avex Rhythm Zone instead, continuing her work as a solo singer and tv-personality up until her hiatus in 2012.

Goto is considered the ace of Morning Musume, and is credited as being responsible for making the group famous, launching them into the golden era. She joined the group as Asuka Fukuda‘s replacement, and was first featured in the release of their 7th single, Love Machine, which would be their first million selling single. 

Sayaka Ichii is said to dislike Goto joining, as rumors said Ichii was supposed to be the «second face» of Morning Musume after Fukuda’s departure. Instead she became Goto’s mentor, who kinda took her place as the second face of Morning Musume.

Up until her hiatus in 2012, Goto and Natsumi Abe were the only H!P girls who still had music releases. Goto has to date (2014), been part of 11 groups and released 12 albums, 18 singles and 12 special singles or albums.

She returned from her hiatus in 2015 and started working as a model and tv-personality as well as releasing books.