ASAYAN auditions reviews and a translated generasia page (might be errors in the translation)

'The Matsuurian Aya Matsuura fan-site (eng)

TSUNKU Family A Japanese site about all the artists Tsunku has produced (jp)

The Garage A Japanese site with details regarding the Garage releases

UP-FRONT AGENCY USA Hello! Project’s Hawaiian releases Tsunku’s site

Captain Tanzawa Japanese fan blog

Samuraibomb Japanese fan blog

Older Japanese fan site for Hello! Project

Older Japanese fan site for Country Musume

Older Japanese fan site for Natsumi Abe

Older Japanese fan site H!P News from 2001-ish (in Japanese)

Concert page Kaori Iida concerts

Submarine dog Japanese blog about Hello! Project

M-style Japanese Michiyo Heike fan site

The Casual H!P Fan English blog

Miyata Hello! Project fan site in Japanese (still updating)

Bookmice Hello! Morning episodes in English

Shinbun Kakushi Yori Extract from newspaper articles (1.2000-8.2001)


Other sites Ayumi Hamasaki fan forum in English.

Paradise Go!! Go!!

Utada Hikaru

KOTOKO & I've Sound