Title: La mer

Release date: 2013.09.25

Catalog nr: REP-045 (normal edition) / REP-044 (special edition)
Label: (P) Assyu japan / RAINBOW ENTERTAINMENT

First press: no

«La mer» (French for The Ocean) is Rika Ishii‘s third album. Ishii wrote the lyrics and provide chorus for several of the tracks.

It was released only five months after «Slow Love«, and three of the songs (Hane, Tenohira no Fuyu and Sore ga Shiawase Nanda to Omou) are taken from that album.

This album was released in collaboration with the film Tobe! Dakota, as the song Homesick Lullaby is featured in the movie. It is a movie based on a true story about a British military transport plane departing from Shanghai to Tokyo, Japan in 1946. During the flight the airplane makes an emergency landing on Sado Island (located in the Chubu region of Niigata Prefecture, Japan). The residents on the island have heard stereotypes of the British soldiers and have mixed feelings about the their new «guest.» Nevertheless, for the next 40 days the islanders take care of the crew members until the plane can take off once again.

The album was pre-released as a limited special edition due in Niigata, Sado (the place the story of the movie Tobe! Dakota is set) on August 30th, 2013, during a live event screening for the movie Tobe! Dakota. It saw a nationwide release on September 25th. 

«La Mer» did not chart on the Oricon charts.

Music video for Homesick Lullaby

Music video for Homesick Lullaby


01. ホームシック・ララバイ (Homesick Lullaby)
02. 神様を許せない (Kami-sama wo Yurusenai; I Wont Forgive God)
03. 恋おぼろ (Koioboro; Love Haze)
04. 羽 (Hane; Wings)
05. てのひらの冬 (Tenohira no Fuyu; Winter Palm)
06. flowage
07. Another Story
08. それが幸せなんだと思う (Sore ga Shiawase Nanda to Omou; I Think I am Happy)

Bonus tracks (only available on the special edition):
09. Attack or Raid
10. Relation March
11. Returned Soldier
12. Lullaby of Mam
13. On My Mind
14. Islanders & Soldiers


 ホームシック・ララバイ (Homesick Lullaby)

Lyrics: Yoko Aki | Music: James Royce Shannon | Arrangement: Yoshiaki Dewa

This track was used as the theme song for the movie Tobe! Dakota.


神様を許せない (Kami-sama wo Yurusenai)

Lyrics: Matsui Goro | Music & Arrangement: Jin Nakamura


恋おぼろ (Koioboro)

Lyrics: Matsui Goro | Music & Arrangement: Tomoyuki Tajiri, Naoyuki Honzawa


羽 (Hane)

Lyrics: Rika Ishii, Goro Matsui | Music & Arrangement: Kosuke Oba

This track was used in a commercial for Olympus Pen.


てのひらの冬 (Tenohira no Fuyu)

Lyrics: Rika Ishii, Goro Matsui | Music: Takeya Tamura | Arrangement: Ryosuke Kihara



Lyrics: Goro Matsui | Music: Yoshinara Tokuoka (DEPAPEPE) | Arrangement: Arata Umehara


Another Story

Lyrics: Goro Matsui | Music & Arrangement: Etsuko Yamakawa


それが幸せなんだと思う (Sore ga Shiawase Nanda to Omou)

Lyrics: Rika Ishii, Goro Matsui | Music: MariC | Arrangement: Ryosuke Kihara

This track was used as the Akita View Hotel commercial song.


The bonus tracks only available on the special edition, are instrumentals from the original soundtrack of the movie.